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Swimwear for all body types

Tall Guys Tall guys, you need a pair of shorts that compliment your length. Your swim shorts should land right above the knee. Shorter shorts will make your legs look too long, and too long will add more problems. Board shorts right above the knee will help keep things in proportion, drawing attention away from your height. Choose a nice colour to match skin tone and you’ve got the perfect pair. Short guys Mid-thigh is the ideal length for guys who are on the shorter side. Choose a pair with shorter inseam makes your legs look longer. Go for a boxy-fit pair or brief style with a fun pattern will fit the bill. Complex patterns will often create the illusion...

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9 Tips to Fresher Breath

1) Drink lots of Water While you’re sleeping, saliva production slows down. Your mouth will be dryer than usual which is the cause of “morning breath”. Cells in your mouth are broken down by bacteria causing the odor. The process creates an unpleasant odor that leads to bad breath. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day, especially before going to bed and hydrating as soon as you wake up. Having a humidifier on during the night can also help. 2) Sugar = Bad Breath Everyone’s mouth contains bacteria which is perfectly normal. However, when you give bacteria too much food, they can grow out of control. The bacteria feed on sugar and produce acids which causes plaque and...

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Guide to Perfectly Fitted Dress Shirts

What are the essential elements to the perfect fitting dress shirt. We’ll dissect each essential part of a dress shirt so you’ll know exactly what to look for when buying your next dress shirt. Shoulders Where should the seam of the sleeve attach to the body of the dress shirt? For the perfect fit, the sleeve should ideally hit the top of your shoulders. If you pick up any mass produced dress shirt, you’ll notice that the seam will hit your arms as they’re made large to fit more people. The perfect fitted dress shirt will accentuate your shoulders look like it was made just for you. Collar (Neck) Next is how your collar should fit around your neck. The...

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6 Rules for Pulling Off Colored Trousers

6 Rules for Pulling Off Colored Trousers Wearing coloured trousers can be an intimidating thought for most men. Most men stick with the basics of blue jeans, black trousers, and some khaki pants. Maybe even a pair of white pants for those particularly adventurous. Coloured pants may seem too eccentric or bright to wear in everyday situations but adding some color to your pants can bring your style to the next level. Green Power Green is probably the easiest and best colour to begin when experimenting with colored trousers. Green is versatile and allows you to wear it with pretty much everything: white t-shirts, traditional Oxford shirts and some nice jackets. Keep your socks and shoes neutral and you’re golden....

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Ultimate Guide to Jewellery For Men

One aspect of men’s style that most struggle with is men’s jewellery . Men’s jewellery is a lot more understated and subtle when compared to women’s jewellery . We both wear it to accessorize and add another element to our outfits but men’s jewellery doesn’t need to stand out but used to really round out an outfit. Here, you’ll find the top 5 accessories you should be adding to your wardrobe.

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